Kashmir_A War of Stones_FINAL

A confronting one-hour documentary special that goes inside the minds of Kashmiri youth fighting a bitter struggle for independence. The film investigates why militancy is intensifying amongst the youth and why young rebel recruits are now more alienated than ever. The disputed territory is a place where rebel ambushes of the 700,000 Indian troops are a regular occurrence and where youth confront troops often with nothing more than stones as a weapon. The Indian armed forces are determined to defend their territory against the insurgents but it’s coming at a huge cost in human lives. The reality of life under Indian occupation in the Kashmir Valley is told through a number of key characters. Expert historians, human rights activists, and Government officials place the historical and geo-political context of the struggle as we come to understand the brutal experience that is life in the Kashmir Valley, and why, despite the dangers, youth militancy is on the rise.

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